The future is bright, the plans to add geoboundaries, and further the information given by the sensors, with the RR Interval, heart rate, and skin temp combining to allow rudimentary health status in the field

Want to know where someone is?  Want to wear this and drop waypoints and assign targets discreetly?  want to quickly alarm your team with no visible signs? We offer the option to tailor to the needs of the client

Customizable Solutions

From our wearable to the dashboard, we offer the opportunity to monitor discreetly the biometrics of a user and allow them to communicate between other users in a group or for the dashboard to be able to offer direct assistance and direction.  With the ability to manually trigger an alert, or for the biometric wearable to signal a user's heartrate or the removal of the band itself, there are several options on how to get information back and digest it properly.   

Small Business